Garlic Pickle


RAISON GARLIC PICKLE serves as the easiest way to add a strong flavor to your meal. This pickle has a strong aroma of garlic and a pungent taste of mustard oil.

  • There is one little secret we want to share with you about this pickle- “THE OLDER IT GETS THE BETTER IT IS.” With time the garlic cloves soaked in the masala get softer and softer and the flavor of the pickle matures perfectly.
  • TASTE- Tangy, Chatpata with strong Garlic aroma.
  • Store in cool dry place. Use a fresh, dry spoon to take the pickle out.
  • RAISON GARLIC PICKLE comes with a shelf life of 24 MONTHS.
  • In case you wondering what health hazards garlic help to cure – it helps regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, lower cholesterol levels and purifies the blood.
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